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Party Like it’s the 100th Day of School!

Ms. Purdin and Mrs. Clark in their 100th Day outfits!

What a fun 100th Day! We sang our 100 Day songs, counted by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s to 100 and wrote about our favorite day of school so far. Then at the end of the day, we got to share our awesome 100 Vests with friends and families.

The 100th Day Vests rocked! What great creativity! I hope everyone had fun making them as much we had seeing what the children came up with!

Here’s some photos from our 100th Day event…

100 Hearts!

100 Pom Poms!

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30 New Things (since my last post)

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I realized last week that I had not posted in quite awhile. I love posting and sharing with you what we do each day, but it’s been a busy few weeks! We have been working hard on many new concepts since returning from December vacation (can it really be that in 2 weeks it will be February vacation?) Since it also happens to be my 30th Birthday today, I thought would write 30 new things we have done since my last post:

1. We learned about Penguins (January is Penguin month)
2. Introduced the concept of “non fiction” texts and “fiction” texts
3. Learned how to play the math game “Top It” (We’ve now moved on to Bottom It and Addition Top It)
4. Learned who Dr. Martin Luther King was and what he stood for
5. Continued to work on penmanship skills – both upper and lower case letter formation
6. Every day we record the day count and the weather including the temperature.
7. Began to have a daily Reader’s Workshop, where children read from their own “just right books.”
8. Introduced and continue to practice the application of addition and subtraction.
9. Had our Alphabet Party to celebrate the completion of Unit 1 in Fundations.
10. Learned many new greetings including the snowball greeting and “Hello Neighbor”

11. Introduced what syllables are (ask your child to show you the “trick” they learned to figure out how many syllables are in a word.)
12. Learned about attribute blocks are and how to describe attributes
13. Learned songs to teach skip counting by 2s to 20, by 5s to 50 and by 10s to 100.
14. Made covers for our “Drawing and Writing Books” (children’s writing journals.)
15. Wrote first journal entries in children’s Drawing and Writing Books.
16. Learned new morning meeting games – “Going to Kentucky” and “Rob the Rooster”
17. Introduced 2 digit numbers using bundles of 10 popsicle sticks and single popsicle sticks to represent the number.
18. Began to focus in on important sight words – reading and writing them.
19. Started Junior Achievement with Will C.’s mom
20. Made shapes on geoboards with elastic bands
21. Explored with tangrams
22. Started a new 5 week round of art classes with Mrs. Jason (now on Thursdays)
23. Began learning about word families – starting with the “at family”
24. Learned new seasonal songs for Groundhog Day and the Super Bowl and some winter songs too.
25. Met with 6th grade buddies and creating habitats for different animals.
26. Played Dice Race with 2 dice (children have to add together the dots on 2 dice and record the number)
27. We color code the temperature each day – (purple days 20-0 degrees, blue days 20-40 degrees, green days 40-60 degrees and so on).
28. Worked on phoneme segmentation of words (breaking apart the words into beginning, middle and ending sounds)
29. Played “Mystery Word” using sight words
30. Rote counted to 100 and prepared for 100th Day with many fun activities including making our 100th Day hats on Friday!

Hope to see families at our 100th Day Celebration tomorrow (2/6) at 1:30 in the Cafetorium!

Go Pats!

Ms. Purdin 🙂

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